Minutes of the General Meeting of the Youngs Siding Community Association

Held at the Youngs Siding hall on 16th June 2016, commencing at 7.35pm.

PRESENT: Steve Grimmer (in the chair), Malcolm Traill (minutes), Aard Brink, Andrew Lefort, Heather Marr, Brad Kneebone, Andrew Dickenson, Dave Faulkner.

ABSENT: Adele Austin, Kathy Williams.


Adele Austin


The minutes of the last meeting of 16 February 2016 were confirmed.


Nil or to be covered in following business.


 The Treasurer reported that the carry-over balance was $8105.38.
 IncomeHall and furniture hire$590.00
  Fundraising (YS Yarns)$111.80
  Oval hire$650.00
  Bornyoung Buyers[$1321.29]
  Interest (combined)$24.89
 ExpensesSynergy (combined)$114.85
  SGIO - Hall insurance$2270.80
  Springdale Plumbing$378.40
  D. Faulkner - hall improvements$878.40
 Current balance was $7160.91 [$5839.62].
 Petty cashBalance forward:$50.55
 To pass for payment:
  Hall improvements - D. Faulkner:
filter, tables, pump, window repairs

Treasurer explained that the Bornyoung Buyers account had been closed and the money had been transferred to YSCA account in trust. It would remain there until a use could be found and approved, or all members of the Bornyoung Buyers agreed on its future use.


 26 April 2016: Green Skills - Information on City of Albany Draft Natural Reserves Strategy and Action Plan 2016
 31 May 2016: Australian Electoral Commission - Use of Hall for Federal Election, 2 July 2016
 16 June 2016: South Coast NRM - Advice of approval for Aboriginal Green Army projects in Youngs Siding area.



6.1. Social and Fundraising

  1. Lengthy discussion ensued over 18-y-o birthday party held at the Hall on March 5. Results included damage to building and property, irate neighbours, police attendance and arrest. Discussion centred around future hall hire policies and recommendations for damage control from this party. They included:
    • Hall hire for young people's parties only if the applicant's family is local and known to the community.
    • Re-do list of requirements for hall hire and supply a copy to hirer.
    • Write letters of apology to affected neighbours and offer them one year's free annual membership of YSCA.
    • Send bills for damage to window and table to hirer. If money for window damage if recovered via court action, then this will be reimbursed to hirer.
    • Write to hirer and request assistance at a community function (Xmas party or tree planting).
  2. Youngs Siding Yarns (March 6) was another success with over 125 people attending. Efforts now to be made to place historical information on the website and to think of how we can improve on the Yarns formula for next year.
    Action: H. Marr to co-ordinate all actions
  3. Decided to set the Xmas tree event for Sunday, December 18. The Lowlands Beach Choir and Santa to be notified.
    Action: secretary

6.2. Sport and Recreation

  1. Nothing to report.

6.3. Grounds and Oval Maintenance

  1. Swamprats are still looking to replace the pitch covering. Steve will talk to the City of Albany recreation team to see if there is any money available. Reminder that money received from the Oval hire was to go towards this project.
  2. Rabbits are still a problem and it was suggested that there was a new strain of control available.
Action: S. Grimmer

6.4. Hall Hire and Maintenance

  1. A new door handle had been installed on the outside toilet door.
  2. The outside power point near the gazebo was not working. Need to call electrician.
  3. Power to new pump for new tank was not appropriate so suggested that we install an outside power point for this purpose. Another job for the electrician.
  4. Otherwise hall renovation project was complete and acquittal could now be done, as all bills were in.
    Action: secretary
  5. Roof and gutter repairs will now be done in summer.
  6. Approval was given to purchase two new tables of similar type.
    Action: D. Faulkner to organise 2, 3, 5, 6
  7. The gaps under the kitchen door were now sealed to deter rodents.
  8. Plans to look at the area outside the hall (continuation of Station Street) for increased parking would be left for later consideration. Possibly ask Andrew Lefort (Denmark Survey and Mapping) for opinions. CARRIED FORWARD.
    Action: A. Lefort
  9. The evacuation plan was still being prepared but it was decided to make the hardcourt into the muster point for any evacuations. CARRIED FORWARD.
    Action: A. Austin

6.5. Environment

  1. Several options for Knapp Head Road entrance to Lowlands Reserve possible. Maybe making track one-way? Maybe have extended parking bay at end of Knapp Head Road? CoA yet to make a decision.
  2. Lowlands lookout shelter is now complete.
  3. No further decisions on tracks leading to the Deeps in Coastal Reserve. Options includes bollards at each end of damaged track, or opening two tracks - one for winter use when it is less sandy?
  4. Noted that the CoA has no specialist Environmental Department to act on this type of problem, although the Reserves Team does a top job despite limited resources. But the only way to introduce such a Department is to lobby councillors to divert limited money to it.
  5. Any issues relating to roads or other works issues should be immediately reported directly to the CoA as they are obliged to investigate it within a certain time period.
  6. Green Skills are holding a workshop on Sydney Golden Wattle control at YS Hall on June 22. All welcome.
  7. Noted that advice had been received about the Aboriginal Green Army availability in Youngs Siding area. Also noted that they could be available to work on aboriginal property at Manypeaks where there is a big golden wattle problem. Secretary to wrote to SCNRM to thank them, and Brad and Andrew to come up with a list of possible projects.
    Action: B. Kneebone / A. Dickenson
  8. Contact from CoA Fire Liaison Officer about DPaW burns in West Cape Howe National Park soon. Possibility about some patch burning on Lowlands Coastal Reserve after last summer's fires. and Brad and Andrew to come up with a list of possible projects.
    Action: S. Grimmer to contact CoA fire managers
  9. The South Coastal Draft Management Plan was now open for comment and closes on 8 July.

6.6. Grants and Membership

  1. Several new names and contacts have been added as a result of name collection at YS Yarns. Suggested that we email out calls for membership after the AGM.


  1. It was thought that the change in the Associations Act means that we have to re-register our name before July 1. Although it was thought that there is no longer a requirement to have accounts audited for small organisations, it was agreed that it is sound practice to continue with an audit if practicable.
    Action: secretary
  2. It is also noted that our ABN registration is still in the name of Youngs Siding Progress Association and needs to be changed.
    Action: secretary
  3. S. Grimmer announced his intention to stand down as President at the next AGM, but was happy to remain on the Committee.


To be confirmed. The date of the 2016 AGM will be negotiated by email.

MEETING ENDED: at 9.05pm.